ST Kit (Standard Track)

2015 Mountain Horse ST Kit

This kit provides the best maneuverability and control for mountain riding, along with the best power to traction ratio to utilize the power of a 250cc or larger bike in all snow conditions from deep powder to wet spring snow. A wider mountain track provides nimble performance and fun combined with enhanced powder shredding capabilities. Product Info


LT Kit (Long Track)

2015 Mountain Horse LT Kit

The Lt kit is the same as the ST but built with a longer track. It includes a 137″ x 12.5″ track with 2″ tall paddles. It provides 20% more traction over the ST kit allowing you to handle deeper snow conditions. It is best suited for someone running a 450cc and larger bike and for areas that get deeper and softer snow conditions. This kit offers a unique look all its own, and the new longer tunnel prevents the track from throwing powder forward toward the rider. Product Info


SX Kit (Snow Cross)

2015 Mountain Horse SX Kit

The SX kit is built for snow cross racing, hard packed snow and rough terrain riding. It includes a hard compound 121″ x 10.5″ Snow Hawk track with 2-1/4″ tall paddles in the center of the track and contoured down to 1″ on the outer edge. This kit is designed to fit 250cc  450cc motocross bikes only. For 2015, the SX still uses the old style gas mounting system, old style chain case and cover, chassis angles and its ride height remain unchanged. Product Info



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