For 2016, Timbersled created an innovative snow bike conversion kit that has the feel of a nimble dirt bike while maximizing power transfer to the snow.  A revolutionary rear suspension strut and a dirt bike “pivot” in the rear, is ultra-sensitive to terrain and snow consistency changes. Click the image below to see the new kits.

2016 Okanagansnowbikes

Mountain Horse Short Track (ST) Kit

timbersled2016lt_thumbThe 2016 Mountain Horse ST is the most well liked, do-anything snow bike kit. It is equally at home on a leisurely trail ride, carving deep powder, or flying through the air. Product Info


Mountain Horse Long Track (LT) Kit

timbersled2016st_thumbThe 2016 Mountain Horse LT is the undisputed king of the steeps. If you can’t handle 2nd place, or you crave those 4’ deep powder days- the LT is your steed. Product Info


Mountain Horse Snow Cross SX120 and SX137 Kits

timbersled2016sx_thumbFor 2016, the SX no longer uses the 3rd shock on its frame. This effectively lowers the price of the SX kits and provides a whole new level of suspension in combination with the new TSS Fit Kit. Product Info


Timbersled Suspension Strut “TSS” Fit Kit

timbersled2016tss_thumbThe TSS is a fit kit system that adapts the universally built Timbersled Mountain Horse snow bike kit to your model and brand of bike and adds a secondary suspension point to your track System. Product Info


Solid Strut Fit Kit

timbersled2016strut_thumbThis strut kit solidly mounts the snow bike track system to your dirt bike frame and allows the track rear suspension do all the work. Product Info