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The average B.C. commute is 20 minutes one way, which adds up to 3.5 hours spent driving each working week, with an average spend of approximately $30 in fuel. Most of us are very aware of the rise in price at the pumps… especially in the summer time. How can we combat this issue!?

Innerspace has figured out how to drive for free this summer! With the brand new Electric Fat Bike you can save hundreds of dollars in fuel, stay fit and get to work on time with the pedal assist feature.

Riding this bike even just three days a week will have it paying for itself by the end of summer and your fuel cost will decrease substantially.

Innerspace offers the bikes starting at $1999.99! With the rental program being released soon you can jump on the bike before you buy it to see how sweet they really are. Product testing was done at the Silver Star Hill Climb! Check out how these things rip, even in the snow!

Find your adventure this summer with Innerspace Watersports!


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