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Innerspace Watersports developed a bracket that allows riders to install a Timbersled TSS onto their Yeti snowbike kits. It is recommended riders use a TSS air boot and add 1/2″-1/4″ to the length of the TSS to ensure clearance to the tunnel. Check out Chad’s install video.

Installing the TSS is a precise process and Innerspace recommends riders interested in swapping their soft strut to a TSS bring the bike into the shop to have it done properly. Bracket list price $250, TSS, foot & bushings $1250, TSS air boot $299 (optional)

Our Vernon and Kelowna locations remain open regular hours. We are practicing social distancing by limiting the number of customer in the stores at a time. To book a one-on-one or after hours appointment please contact us. Delivery/pick up options available for all departments.​

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