Backcountry Avalanche Awareness Avalanche Safety Training (AST1) Course – Innerspace Watersports Vernon & Kelowna

Innerspace Watersports hosted an AST1 course with Brad Atkin, a local avalanche safety instructor. Nine students participated in the two-day course and learned the basic skills and knowledge to stay safe while riding in the backcountry.

Students gained an understanding of different terrain types, avalanche safety gear and types of avalanches and snow pack on day one in the classroom. Day two took them out to the beautiful Monashee Mountain ranges to learn to read terrain first hand. Students practiced exercises in proper trip planning, group organization and using transceivers, shovels and probes to rescue riders in an emergency situation. Search and Rescue gave them a surprise visit and offered some great pointers.

This time of year it is so important to be prepared while heading out into the backcountry. Innerspace offers daily and weekly rentals, or can educate you on purchasing the right equipment for you. Call for more info. 250-549-2040.

Innerspace Watersports 2018-2019 Timbersled & Yeti SnowMX Snowbike Demo Fleet – Book today!

Innerspace Watersports 2018-2019 Timbersled & Yeti SnowMX Demo Fleet

Innerspace Watersports offers a unique snowbike experience in the beautiful mountains of BC. Choose one of their custom built snowbikes and have the opportunity to try before you buy!Learn More.

2019 Snowbike Fleet

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Ultimate Gift Guide for Snow Lovers @ Innerspace Watersports Vernon and Kelowna

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                Other Gift Ideas for Snow Lovers 

Visit Innerspace Watersports Vernon or Kelowna to get the best winter gifts this season. 

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Vernon Snow MX ~ Let’s Ride E04 ~ 2017 Yeti Snow MX Long Track Review

It is that time of year! Time to decide what bike and kit is right for you. Hear what the Vernon Snow MX guys, Scott and Andrew, have to say about the 137 YETI kit. Innerspace is a Yeti and Timbersled dealer. Let’s get you ready for winter!

Timbersled Kits – Help me Choose

Yeti Kits – Help me Choose

Call us today to build your custom snow bike & and ask about our demo punch pass so you can try your bike before you buy.


Travel for Free This Summer

The average B.C. commute is 20 minutes one way, which adds up to 3.5 hours spent driving each working week, with an average spend of approximately $30 in fuel. Most of us are very aware of the rise in price at the pumps… especially in the summer time. How can we combat this issue!?

Innerspace has figured out how to drive for free this summer! With the brand new Electric Fat Bike you can save hundreds of dollars in fuel, stay fit and get to work on time with the pedal assist feature.

Riding this bike even just three days a week will have it paying for itself by the end of summer and your fuel cost will decrease substantially.

Innerspace offers the bikes starting at $1999.99! With the rental program being released soon you can jump on the bike before you buy it to see how sweet they really are. Product testing was done at the Silver Star Hill Climb! Check out how these things rip, even in the snow!

Find your adventure this summer with Innerspace Watersports!


Open House Event @ Innerspace Watersports Vernon Location April 11th 5-8pm

Snow Check time is now!!2019 Kits

Innerspace invites you to visit the shop for the kick off to spring event! Come down to the Vernon location as we unveil the brand new 2019 Timbersled ARO 120 LE and the all new 2019 Yeti 129 SS kit.
One evening of food & refreshments, in store specials, snow check incentives and more! Event will be held on April 11 from 5-8pm and you can check out the new snow bike kits and upgrades, see our new Electric Fat Bike, learn about upcoming spring specials and demos PLUS tips from the pros on everything snowbike!!
Yeti Snow Check

Timbersled Snow Check 

Timbersled 2019 Snow Check @ Innerspace Watersports Vernon & Kelowna

Snowcheck is here! Timbersled has some big announcements for the 2019 line up including a brand new SX kit! Custom colour wraps for your bikes and kits are available on all Timbersled 120 LE and Timbersled 137 LE snowbikes during snowcheck only. The Ripper has been improved with its new rear arm suspension and newly developed ski with a deeper keel to dig in a bit harder. Plus the Timbersled Raw is now being offered at $3999.99. Click here to choose the kit that’s right for you this season!


Free TSS and 3.99% financing with snowcheck! 


Snowcheck ends April 17, 2018. Call us to snowcheck today! 



We got the ladies out on the bikes this weekend and they absolutely killed it! Both Brooke and Aleisha, who have very limited (zero..) dirt bike hours, shred some sweeet pow on their second time out on the snow bikes!

Check out the vid of our lessons, trail ride and meadow full of POW we slayed!



If you are a chick and you want to get into snow biking or a gent that would like to take his girl out on the bikes we are offering a limited time introductory punch pass for 2. $299(each) gets you out on the bikes and learning how to ride in no time. Includes load and unload, transport to the hill, lessons on the bike and up to 4 hours ride time. Call us to learn more!

Timbersled First Time Out 2017/2018

Innerspace offers demos to new and experienced riders alike! One of the staff members, Brooke, went out for her first time out with no prior riding experience on a dirt bike, and 5 days out on a sled. She started on the 2017 Ripper Timbersled kit on a 110 Yamaha TTR bike at Sovereign trails.

DSC_4820After a few hours rippin the trails they found a open meadow where she jumped on the Husky 350 with a 2018 Timbersled ARO 120 LE! By the end of the day she was shreddin the pow by the first cabin!


For those of you looking for an awesome experience with your girl or friends check out the Innerspace Snow Bike Punch Pass!

We also offer new and used kits to purchase after the demo. Customers can put a percentage of their demo dollars towards their purchase of a new kit. Inventory includes:

2017 Timbersled LT

2018 Timbersled 120 & 120 LE

2018 Timbersled 137 & 137 LE

2018 Timbersled RAW

2018 Timbersled Ripper

2018 Yeti 129