Customize Your Set Up

Most common modifications to take your bike from dirt to snow

Innerspace has engineered the perfect jacket for your bike. Templates for Husqvarna, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki and more this neoprene engine jacket is designed to keep your bike running at optimal temperature. This jacket is best paired with a P3 carbon fibre pipe guard.

Skid plates help to keep snow off of the engine and maintain an ideal running temperature. This skid plate is made of arena board and holds up to the most extreme elements. 

We all know dirt bikes are not designed to be run in negative temperatures. A thermostat will help keep it running warm without having to re-map it or use ECU’s to trick it into thinking it is warm. Temp gauge to monitor rise and fall in bike temps. 

Who doesn’t love WARM HANDS!!! We do, and these liquid heated bars help move coolant from the motor, through to the handlebars and back to the rads. 

Bark Busters

Experience improved comfort while standing with bar risers. Pair them with Fastway or C3 hand guards A.K.A. Bark Busters and flags for wind protection and tree bashing protection. 

Timbersled Gauntlets

Timbersled gauntlets add even more protection from the wind and winter elements while riding. Made from compression-molded nylon that keeps hands warmer and dryer than ever before!  

The latest evolution of Trail Tech’s most popular GPS. Featuring buddy tracking, colour screen, bluetooth connection to your phone and full vehicle integration. Mapping, tracking, temp gauge and more! 

Seat Concepts Snow Seat

Keep that booty happy out there with the most comfortable design by Seat Concepts. Inquire about colour options and enjoy the plush foam designed with a snowbiker in mind. Water resistant covers keep you from freezing your a… off.. literally! 

Fork Savers

Protect your forks from springing a leak and cover them with Innerspace’s extra long neoprene fork seals. Blue & Black colour options 

Custom Graphics

Design unique graphics for your bike or kit and show off your creative side on the hill. Include sponsor logos or anything you like! 


Standard, Mid, Tall 

Cube Lights

All we really want is to see and to be seen! Lights help on those low light days or shine them up for your night rides!