We got the ladies out on the bikes this weekend and they absolutely killed it! Both Brooke and Aleisha, who have very limited (zero..) dirt bike hours, shred some sweeet pow on their second time out on the snow bikes!

Check out the vid of our lessons, trail ride and meadow full of POW we slayed!



If you are a chick and you want to get into snow biking or a gent that would like to take his girl out on the bikes we are offering a limited time introductory punch pass for 2. $299(each) gets you out on the bikes and learning how to ride in no time. Includes load and unload, transport to the hill, lessons on the bike and up to 4 hours ride time. Call us to learn more!

Timbersled First Time Out 2017/2018

Innerspace offers demos to new and experienced riders alike! One of the staff members, Brooke, went out for her first time out with no prior riding experience on a dirt bike, and 5 days out on a sled. She started on the 2017 Ripper Timbersled kit on a 110 Yamaha TTR bike at Sovereign trails.

DSC_4820After a few hours rippin the trails they found a open meadow where she jumped on the Husky 350 with a 2018 Timbersled ARO 120 LE! By the end of the day she was shreddin the pow by the first cabin!


For those of you looking for an awesome experience with your girl or friends check out the Innerspace Snow Bike Punch Pass!

We also offer new and used kits to purchase after the demo. Customers can put a percentage of their demo dollars towards their purchase of a new kit. Inventory includes:

2017 Timbersled LT

2018 Timbersled 120 & 120 LE

2018 Timbersled 137 & 137 LE

2018 Timbersled RAW

2018 Timbersled Ripper

2018 Yeti 129


24 Days of Adventure


Innerspace is offering daily deals from December 1-24! Deals are valid in store only and on current inventory. With a different product featured each day get your holiday shopping done right with sweet savings on adventure gear. Visit Innerspace Vernon or Innerspace Kelowna today. Call for details! 


509 Outerwear at Innerspace Watersports Vernon and Kelowna BC

We all know and love 509 goggles and helmets so naturally we are stoked to announce that 509 outerwear is here! Check out the new Evolve pants and jacket at Innerspace Watersports Vernon or Kelowna location. We will be at the Vernon Snow Show November 24 & 25 so be sure to come by and see all the fresh 2018 gear! Timbersled kits, parts, safety equipment, avalanche air bags, accessories, outerwear and more!





Little Ripper’s Recycle Program

At Innerspace we recognize that your little humans are one of the only things you love more than your snowbike. For that reason TOBE has created quality onesie to keep your little rippers warm out in the snow. Innerspace is offering an exchange program for your kiddies as we know their growing habits don’t always align with your bank account. As they typically grow out of their gear before it wears out so we are offering a the Little Ripper’s Recycling Program membership program allowing you to exchange your little onesies for bigger ones as they grow.

Little Rippers Program


Snowbike ‘Spa Package’ Punch Pass


Introducing the first ever punch pass for snowbikes by Innerspace. It can be used for a single rider multiple times, or multiple riders on a single day. Offering the lowest industry rates for a 4 rides and a variety of luxury bikes and kits to demo. Includes private groups, transport to and from the hill, access to exclusive riding areas, load and unload, riding clinic, tips from a professional, large range of bikes and kits to demo including Timbersled and YETI.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 5.06.32 PM

Your educated purchase decision process starts here. Love it? Want to buy after you’ve tried? Apply a percentage of the money spent on the punch pass towards the purchase of a new conversion kit or a complete snowbike before the end of the 2017/2018 season.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 2.57.59 PM

Come back the following year and you can still apply 50% of the offer to your purchase in the 2018/2019 season.

Timbersled Parts & Service

With our own in-house service technicians Innerspace is the one stop shop for Timbersled parts and services. We carry every piece that is made for the machine (brakes, chassis, drive train, jack shafts suspension). See the install kits and fitment charts for your bike below.


All new Parts & Services page will be up shortly! Check our homepage for updates.


Install Kit Selection Guide Husqvarna

Install Kit Selection Guide Kawasaki

Install Kit Selection Guide KTM

Install Kit Selection Guide Suzuki

Install Kit Selection Guide Yamaha


ARO Fitment Table Husqvarna

ARO Fitment Table Kawasaki

ARO Fitment Table KTM

ARO Fitment Table Suzuki

ARO Fitment Table Yamaha


PIEPS JETFORCE Jet Fan Inflation Avalanche Airbag

PIEPS JETFORCE – JetForce is the first Avalanche Airbag Technology to use jet-fan inflation, a breakthrough system that draws air from an unlimited source: the atmosphere. Testable, re-deployable and travel friendly, JetForce is the result of a multiyear collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS, two leaders in avalanche safety innovation.


Combining Black Diamond’s expertise in industrial engineering and back country travel, JetForce features countless improvements over existing airbag technologies, from an intuitive deployment trigger to a proprietary tear-resistant and easily re-packable airbag fabric.

To design JetForce’s custom electronics, Black Diamond turned to PIEPS, leaders in digital avalanche transceivers. PIEPS applied their digital expertise to the engineering of JetForce’s electrical systems, from the ‘good-to-go’ self-diagnosis on startup to the system-status LED monitors mounted in the trigger.


    Battery-powered jet-fan inflates a 200L airbag in 3.5 seconds, followed by tear recovery bursts
    Travel-friendly, compact lithium-polymer battery supports 4+ deployments per charge
    Lights indicate system status. PIEPS electronics perform ‘good-to-go’ system check on every startup
    Constructed with high-tenacity, puncture resistant automotive airbag material
    Airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket, and aid in extraction
    Airbag is easy to repack for multiple deployments or practice at home

Introducing – The New 2016 Timbersled MH Snow Bike Conversion Kit @ Okanagan Snow Bikes Kelowna Vernon BC

For 2016, Timbersled created an innovative snow bike conversion kit that has the feel of a nimble dirt bike while maximizing power transfer to the snow.  A revolutionary rear suspension strut and a dirt bike “pivot” in the rear, is ultra-sensitive to terrain and snow consistency changes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbYo3i5rLTU&feature=youtu.be&rel=0]



TSS Suspension Strut
Convex Pivoting Rear Suspension
Bottomless Rail System
Convex 2.5 Track
Dominator Drive System
New HD Fork Clamp System
New Strut Rod Lower Bolt
SKF Bearings
Chain Case Cover Material


Timbersled Mountain Horse LT Kits @ Okanagan Snow Bikes Kelowna Vernon BC

Check out our newly stocked Long Track snow bike conversion kits by Timbersled…

2015 New Models


2015 Mountain Horse ST Kit (Standard Track)

2015 Mountain Horse ST Kit

The 2015 ST kit feature a wider mountain track with nimble performance and fun-factor combined with enhanced powder shredding capabilities. Product Info


2015 Mountain Horse LT Kit (Long Track)

2015 Mountain Horse LT Kit

The new 2015 LT kit offers a unique look all its own, and the new longer tunnel prevents the track from throwing powder forward toward the rider. Product Info


2015 Mountain Horse Kit (Snow Cross)

2015 Mountain Horse SX Kit

The SX still uses the old style gas mounting system, old style chain case and cover, chassis angles and its ride height remain unchanged. Product Info