2021 Timbersled Velocity

Walker Evans Velocity

Simply the most premium, high performance shocks ever offered on a Timbersled. Through the position sensitive needle and tuned remote reservoir design, they offer superior feel and bottom out resistance. High and low speed compression adjustment allow the shock to be fine-tuned for any terrain.

2021 Timbersled S


The all-new Timbersled ARO S and RIOT S delivers all the adrenaline and adventure of a snow bike in an easier to ride, confidence inspiring package. With about a 3″ lower seat height, the ARO S and RIOT S enables to rider to shred the mountains, trails, and meadows with agility.

Timbersled ARO

Industry leading precision and handling for 250cc+ bikes 

The Timbersled ARO platform revolutionized the snow bike industry. It optimizes a bike’s performance by making more efficient use of the engine’s power, delivers easy and responsive handling, and dramatically improves deep-snow performance. The ARO platform was built with the rider in mind with the easiest install, best handling and industry leading durability.

Timbersled RIOT

Ultimate dirt bike experience for 250cc+ bikes

The new Timbersled RIOT™ combines proven Timbersled ARO™ technology with a RIOT specific patent-pending rear suspension to create an all-new dirt bike experience on the snow. RIOT was born ready to wheelie, climb or make a split-second line change. Carry the front end through the whoops just like an MX bike, hit a big mountain booter like a pro or do a spin-turn in the ditch; it’s a RIOT in the meadows, on the trails or in the mountains. In fact, it’s a RIOT wherever you ride.

Timbersled Ripper 93

Entry level snowbike for 110cc bikes

The Timbersled® Ripper is all-new for 2020 and designed for more family fun riding with improved on- and off-trail performance. It is a great entry kit into snow biking designed for all riders, especially those looking for an adjustable ride height for more confidence and control. Now you and your family can ride together and build memories to last a lifetime.

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