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All adult and kids onesies now 15% off until the end of winter.

TOBE Velox Snow Bike Mono Suit $1,149.99

The Velox Mono Suit combines everything TOBE has learned over 8 generations designing mono suits while introducing unique snowbike-specific features. Heat-resistant panels are a preventative measure against scalding engines and exhaust. A custom ankle closure system ensures effortless, worry-free shifting and reduces the chance of catching on a peg during mounting and dismounting. The Velox Snowbike Mono Suit allows for full range of movement and the 45,000mm Sympatex® Membrane ensures the elements stay out.


TOBE Vivid Mono Suit $999.99

The Vivid series is the answer winter seekers have been looking for. Inspired from time spent on snow machines, skis and snowboards, often in the same day, TOBE is proud to present the most functional and versatile collection yet.


TOBE BOA Vivid Speed Boot $529.95

The Vivid Boa Boot is the most advanced snowmobile boot this sport has ever seen. Using the brand new and highly durable dual-Boa® Coiler System, you can easily get in and out of the boot in seconds and ensure a perfect fit around the foot and lower leg. Inspired by the silhouette and inner boot of the best snowboard boots, the boot takes the design to the next level. Featuring a natural rubber outsole for extreme durability, a Sympatex® Membrane and boundary-pushing engineering, the outer layer of the Vivid Boot is fully waterproof and proudly passes the rigorous 14-hour Sympatex® waterproofing test.


TOBE Contego Boot $299.99

These boots are designed to never fail you. The colours are simple and we stripped away unnecessary features, but they’re rugged, protective and with the Sympatex Moisture-Tech membrane, they will keep you absolutely dry. With the extreme abrasive wear from modern running boards, out-soles offer the traction and durability you are looking for. Boots come with wool insoles.