Timbersled Snow Bike Conversion Kits – Made for the Mountains

The Timbersled Mountain Horse is a snow bike conversion kit for your dirt bike. It allows you to go places you have only dreamed of going. From boondocking through the tightest trees, to side hilling and climbing the steepest mountains, to jumping or racing with your buddies, riding a Mountain Horse is easy to learn.


Riding a snow bike provides the same enjoyment as snowmobiling but with its own unique characteristics, a bike can go places a sled cannot. Sleds are much heavier and have a planted ski stance making them hard to side hill and perform off camber turns, requiring a lot of strength and experience to do this. Snow bikes are about 200 pounds lighter than a sled.

For the past 4 years, the Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kit has had no equal on snow. The 2015 Timbersled model has been completely re-engineered to significantly upgrade the overall performance, strength, handling and durability of the Mountain Horse.