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We carry a full line of  YETI SnowMx and Timbersled snow bike conversion kits, fully converted bikes, parts and safety gear; Helmets, goggles, gloves and garments. Do you want to try out a snow bike ? Contact us today to book your demo. Call toll-free in BC: 1-877-549-2040.

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YETI SNOWMX – The 2017 YETI SNOWMX is now becoming the most reliable and the most exciting snow MX conversion kit across the world. YETI SNOWMX is the product of C3 POWERSPORTS  a Canadian company.

Thanks to a team of skilled technicians and experienced motocross and snowmobile fanatics, each of the components comprising our conversion kit are the result of several generations of design thoroughly tested in the harshest Canadian environment.


PIEPS JETFORCE – JetForce is the first Avalanche Airbag Technology to use jet-fan inflation, a breakthrough system that draws air from an unlimited source: the atmosphere.


Testable, re-deployable and travel friendly, JetForce is the result of a multiyear collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS, two leaders in avalanche safety innovation.