Leading Snow Bike Dealer in North America

Innerspace is the leading dealer of snowbikes across North America. It is one of the only shops to offer YETI and Timbersled kits and bikes to pair them with.. Offering new and used kits or full bikes to rent or own, you can buy your dream bike and get tips from the pros! 
Check out Chad Edwards, Innerspace Owner, and Professional Athlete, Reagan Sieg ripping up the backcountry on the new 2018 Timbersled ARO kit. 

Ronnie Renner Snow biking Idaho Backcountry

YETI Snow MX Intro

2017 YETI Snow MX Snow Bikes 

Do you want to try out a snow bike ? We carry a full line of  YETI SnowMx and Timbersled snow bike conversion kits, fully converted bikes, parts and safety gear and clothes. Contact us today to book a demo.